Where do I find my jacket and pants size?


All of our suits are custom made based on your measurements.


Can I be fitted for a suit in person?


Yes, we are located in Harlem, NY. You can book an in-person fitting


I don’t live in NYC, how can I be fitted for a suit?


We offer virtual fittings via Zoom. All you need is a body measurement tape and someone to assist you. We will walk you through every step.


How long does it take to receive my suit?


From purchase to delivery, it takes 4-5 weeks to receive your suit.


Can I get my suit faster than 4-5 weeks?


Yes, we offer rush options for an additional $200 fee. You can receive your suit in 10 business days.


Can I change the details of a suit, such as suit style, fabric color and lining choice?


Yes, when you purchase your suit, you can change details during the fitting.


I am a bigger guy, do you offer suits in my size?


Yes, all of our suits are custom made. There is an additional charge for customers over 285 lbs.